Why Video Compression?

Have you encountered difficulties uploading or downloading a large video file? Is your video taking a long time to load on your website or social media channels? Are you frustrated because your customers can't view your video on your website or social media? We‘ve got you covered.         

Videos have become a part of our everyday lives and there is an ever-growing need to stream, download and share them across multiple devices or platforms. 

From digital cameras to cell phones, videos are only getting higher in quality and therefore harder to transmit over the Internet.

You need to compress the video to speed up transmission and make storage more efficient. Video compression is a technique for reducing the size of a video clip so that it may be uploaded and shared more easily. 

We can compress your video and greatly reduce its size while retaining its original quality, allowing it to be put on a website, shared on social media, played in a flash player, or emailed.

Our video compression service is very affordable, starting at $10 per video

Step 1. Send us your video.
Step 2. We compress the video (with our watermark) into a much smaller size.
Step 3. We provide you the compressed video (complete with our watermark) for review. If approved, then you can place an order with us and we will remove the watermark from your video and send it to you.

It's that easy!

Video before compression. Size is 55.9M

Video after compression. Size is 8.47M
Even after compression, the quality is incredible.

Please contact us if you require a price quote, directions on how to send us your video file, or any more information.

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