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Total Price (CAD)       $325                    $395                   $1,575


Loyalty Plactic Card Marketing

Business cards, membership cards, gift cards, discount cards, calendar cards, VIP cards, product warranty cards, and more can all be printed on plastic cards. They are far more durable and eye-catching than traditional paper cards. They provide your brand longevity and are an excellent method to set your company apart from the plethora of paper marketing materials that abound. Using plastic cards instead provides your customers a sense of worth, so they are less likely to discard or misplace them.

Plastic cards are ideal for presenting a professional company image and can be utilised to achieve a variety of marketing and business goals. One of the key reasons that plastic cards are so effective is their endurance, which is linked to the thickness of the stock. Plastic cards are often constructed of PVC, one of the strongest and longest-lasting plastics on the market today, and range in thickness from 12 mil to heavyweight 30 mil premium plastic cards.

Why Plastic Card?


  • tear-proof and scratch resistant.

  • sophisticated and have the professional appeal.

  • making customers feel valued.

  • instantly boost sales.

  • polishing the business image of your company.

  • helping businesses get their message across in a more emphasizing and creative way providing a long life economical and can easily be used for any business purpose great opportunity to attract potential customer.



  • Card size: 85.5*54*0.76mm ( 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" x 30 MIL Thickness Same thickness as credit card.)
  • Both sides with full color printing. (Special offer for limited time only)
  • Optional finishing is available for small surcharges. (Hole punch, Strip punch, Barcode, Scratch off, Signature/Write-on panels, etc.)

Quantity                          500                     1000                     5000

Unit price                       0.65                    0.395                    0.315

Total Price (CAD)         $325                    $395                    $1,575